Sunday, 24 January 2016

Lush's Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb


The other week I bought a few Lush bath bombs and I thought I'd write a post every time I used one....
I recently used the Dragon's Egg bomb which costed me £3.50, not a bad price if you ask me!

At first the bath bomb dissolves into a white colour and then slowly into a warm amber colour.
Not only does the bath bomb look beautiful, it smells AMAZING. It has a strong, relaxing citrus scent, which is honestly one of my favorite scents ever.

I also noticed as the bath bomb dissolved, it has sparkles! This was a dream until I got out of the bath and there was still glitter in the bottom of the tub.
But overall I would really recommend this bath bomb as it looks and smells beautiful.

You can get it here: Dragon's Egg

I hoped you liked this post!

I love you all



  1. this looks really interesting thanks for the amazing review. and thanks for the visit too =) we have new post on the blog. keep in touch =)


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