Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Body Positivity

Hey guys!

Today I would like to talk about something called body positivity.

As i'm a teenager in a world made up of constant media coverage, I know what it feels like to feel insecure about your body, growing up in a world like this can be damaging to a teenagers self esteem.
With photos of skinny, beautiful models posted in magazines and in catalogs, I honestly feel insecure and 'chubby' every time I walk past a H&M store, or every time I pick up a magazine!
And although 2015 was the year of the 'plus sized model' honestly, those 'plus sized' women are the same weight as the average woman in the UK.

Another thing, H&M have been said to use fake models, mannequins photoshopped to look like models! If you look on their website, you can tell there is photoshopped 'models' as each one is in the same position with the same size of body!

Facts like these make me very upset, knowing that almost the whole modeling industry is made up of pointless and stupid lies, I hope that one day when you go to the mall, there will not be photos of overly photoshopped women plastered to walls, but normal, confident people modeling your favorite brand.

I just want to say guys, it is so important to love your body and the skin you're in, if you have any insecurities that are eating you alive, tell someone, there will be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

Love what you have, love yourself.

See you soon



  1. I do get so insecure looking at some models but then I do realise that it does come down to a lot of heavy photoshopping, not to say the models aren't pretty, they just represent an unachievable representation of beauty which can make many girls (and even boys) make feel insecure. xx

    1. i completely understand, it is so important to show people that this beauty standard is impossible to achieve xx

  2. I mostly agree with this post, the only thing is that there already ARE "normal, confident" models. They may be photoshopped to a certain degree, but they are still normal, confident people. In a bid to also have models who represent a range of sizes in our society, we shouldn't forget that the slim, petite models of today do still represent many members of our society and are, themselves, perfectly "normal". We shouldn't put down one body type in an effort to build the confidence of another, and we don't need to make slim models (or regular citizens) feel like their body is unappreciated when we are trying to critique the industry.

  3. What a beautiful post. I've grown up thinking that, even if i'm not skinny nor fat, i didn't have the body i 'should' have. Nowadays i look myself into the mirror trying to get in good terms with my image. And hopefully every woman in the world will get to accept their own bodies as well.
    thanks a lot for sharing this!
    i'm following your blog now xx


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