Saturday, 19 December 2015

Early Christmas Present Haul

Hey friends!

Today i'm doing a post filled with Christmas gifts from some of my friends, i'm gonna show you all some of my favorite presents from my friends and....yeah, that's it...

My first favorite is this bath bomb from my friend Annabelle, it smells of cranberry and lime, basically happiness.
Thank you Annabelle :-)

My next favorite are these two things from Beth, they both smell AMAZING and the body lotion is so good for for your hands, specially during the winter.
Thank you Beth :-)

This body lotion cam in a set of three from my friend Phoebe, It smells great and so different to what I usually have as I normally have more sweet scents.
Thank you Phoebe :-)

My next favorite is a Zoella bag i was given by my friend Hope, I always use this for school, I use it for my hair bands and make up.

My final favorite is this nail polish by the brand Flutter, the colour is amazing and I think really suits my skin tone.
Thank you Gracie :-)

I hope you enjoyed this post!
I wish you all a merry Christmas (I'll probably post photos of the day on my Instagram to remember to follow me there...)

I love you all
See you soon


  1. Your friends all have great taste! You got lots of lovely gifts :) Have a Happy New Year! xxx

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