Monday, 27 July 2015

My Zoella Tutti Fruity products!

Hello there!
Recently I bought some of Zoella's new beauty products, I purchased her body lotion, body scrub, lip balm and makeup bag.
I was so happy to notice that most of the products had gone down in price (her makeup bag I bought was only £6, which is cheap compared to her old one which was £8). 


My favorite product has to be the body lotion as it smells AMAZING and feels so nice on my skin, there's a really nice fruity smell to all of these products, the lotion's scent lasts much longer than the body scrub I bought, as the smell is much stronger, I've been using it as a perfume!
The lotion costs £5, Which in my opinion is a really good price due to the amount there is in the bottle!


My second favorite product is the body scrub!
This product costed £7, which again  I think is a good deal due to the amount in the tub!
The smell and texture of this product is absolutely perfect, the only issue I have with this is that the scrub is difficult to get out of the pot!
But otherwise, I love the product soooooo much.


My next favorite product has to be the makeup bag! I love the size of this bag, it's the perfect size to put in my school bag or in my holiday suitcase.
The only issue I have with this bag is that there is a scratch on one of the polka-dots which annoys me so much, but I still love this cosmetic bag and use it so much,


The final product I bought is Kissy Missy, and I would have to admit, it is not my favorite due to the colour and consistency, the colour in my opinion is too pink and doesn't suit me, but it does smell delicious and keeps my lips moisturized.



I hope you liked this post!
I have some youtuber book reviews on the way so look forward to that!
(I'm not going to post them today because I'm super tired!)
Love you all!
See you soon!


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