Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My social anxiety

I've always been shy around people, but recently I've been thinking its more than being shy.
  I started to think I had anxiety of some sort, so I took to google and went to the NHS website (National Health Care Services). I searched for social anxiety and found that I relate to many things like speaking in public, talking to strangers, eating in public, speaking on the phone, making eye contact and panic attacks, reading all of this led me to think that I do have social anxiety.
At home I seem more quiet than I used to be, don't like to give opinions as the fear of rejection overpowers me. 

Usually If I ever feel as if i'm about to have a panic attack, I realize it happens in a random place like in the shower or before bed, and i'm not usually very stressed.

I'm not entirely sure if I have social anxiety but I feel as if I do, if you have any ideas how to deal with this, please leave them in the comments.




  1. This sounds like you have it. I have dealt with social anxiety and I think you need to see someone if you are worried

    1. Thank you, I defiantly will tell someone


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